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Frequently Asked Questions

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Parking Questions

Mequon City Ordinance Sec. 82-63 Parking prohibited.
Except as set forth in this article or as otherwise directed by appropriate signs, it shall be unlawful for any person to: park, stop or leave standing any vehicle, whether attended or unattended, upon any street or highway of this city; park on private property without the expressed consent or permission of the property owner; park, in whole or in part, in or on any space designated as handicap parking.
(Code 1957, ? 12.04(1))
Unless permission is first obtained through the Mequon Police Department, parking is illegal.
Parking restrictions do not apply to in front of Mequon City Hall.
In special circumstances, or special events at your home, or if you are suffering a disabled vehicle problem, the Mequon Police will work with you on the parking request.

In the case of multiple car parking requests, the Mequon Police normally grants parking permission but only for one side of the road.
The Mequon Police will typically not grant parking permission for parking on State Highways, such as Mequon Road (Hwy 167), Cedarburg Road (Hwy 57), or Wauwatosa Road (Hwy 181).

Please phone the Mequon Police at  (262) 242-3500  for a parking permission request.
If you received a parking citation, you can pay for those at our lobby.
More at:

If You Receive a Traffic Citation

By and large, the vast majority of simple traffic tickets can be dealt with by stipulation (paying the fine).  If you choose to stipulate, then simply remit the bond amount listed on the citation before the court date to Mid-Moraine Municipal Court 1625 E. Washington Street #100 West Bend, WI 53095.  That will take care of it!  Please do not send cash.

You can also pay by credit card by phone at 866-480-8552 or online here:

Some serious violations require a court appearance.  These mandatory appearances require your appearance in Ozaukee County Circuit Court, on the posted court date.  In those cases, you may not "just" pay the bond, you must see the judge!  You will see the MANDATORY APPEARANCE box annotated with an "X" by the officer, on your copy of the citation you received.  If you wish to plead NOT GUILTY to the charge (you want to contest the ticket) without appearing in court, then you or your attorney must notify the court of such a plea in writing, before the court date.  Your plea will be entered for you on the return date and thereafter, a trial will be set.  Either you will receive written notice, of the setting of court date, at your address (as set forth on the citation), or your attorney will.  You will be notified by the court in approximately one week of the date for your PRETRIAL.  A Pretrial is a meeting between you (or you and your attorney) and the City Attorney for the City of Mequon and an officer of the Mequon Police Department.  Both sides of the matter will be discussed.  Questions and answers concerning court, prosecution, and police procedure can be posed at this time.
Please do not attempt to establish a court date on a NOT GUILTY plea over the telephone.  All such messages must be done in writing.

What Happens When You Appear in Court?

If you plead GUILTY, or NO CONTEST, the court officer will present information contained in the arresting officer's written report to the court.  The arresting officers normally make thorough notes of the citation or arrest.  These notes or reports will be read by the court commissioner before he or she imposes a sentence.  You may, if you wish, make a statement regarding any extenuating circumstances, if any, for the court commissioner’s consideration in determination of any penalty that may be imposed.

Dog Ordinances

Any dog, male or female, living in the City of Mequon, that is five (5) months of age or older as of January 1 of any year must be licensed prior to March 31.  Further, a license is also required within 30 days of acquiring ownership of a new dog or within thirty (30) days from a date a young dog becomes five (5) months of age.
Cost of license for unspayed females and unneutered males is $15.00, and for neutered males and spayed females is $10.00 and half of these amounts if the dog became five (5) months of age after July 1 of the license year.  An additional late fee will be charged if the dog is not licensed by April 1 of after the 30 day period has elapsed in the cases of new dogs and young dogs.  The license must be secured to a collar and the collar kept on the dog at all times.

No license shall be issued for any dog unless the applicant presents proof that the dog has been inoculated for rabies by a licensed veterinarian within three years prior to such application.

2.  It shall be unlawful for any person to own, harbor, or keep any dog which:

a. Habitually pursues any vehicle upon any public street, alley, or highway in the City.

b. Assaults or attacks any person.

c. Is at large within the limits of the City; ("At large" includes any dog which is on any of the highways, streets, alleys, parks or other public grounds or on any premises other than that of its owner, except within the immediate presence and control of the owner, his or her servant or member of his or her family over 12 years of age.).

d. Habitually barks or howls to the annoyance of any person or persons.

e. Kills, wounds, or worries any domestic animal.

f. Is known by such person to be infected with rabies or to have been bitten by an animal known to have been infected with rabies. 

g. Is deemed vicious

h. All dogs kept in the City are to be inoculated against rabies by the time the dog reaches 5 months of age.

3.  Duty of Owner in Cases of Dog Bite.  Every owner who knows that such a dog has bitten any person shall immediately report such fact to the health officer and keep such dog confined for not less than 14 days or for such period of time as the health officer shall direct.  The owner or keeper of any such dog shall surrender the dog for examination to the health officer or any police officer upon demand.

4. Impounding, Killing of Dogs.  Any person may impound any dog with the humane officer and any Police Officer may kill any dog which is found to have broken rules set forth in section 2 (a,b,c,d,e,f and g above).  If the owner is not found within a period of seven days or ten days of a bite, the dog or cat may be destroyed in a humane manner.

More at:

Employment Opportunities

Please see the Employment  section of the city's website.


The Police Department generally has persons available to take your fingerprints every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. and from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.  No appointment is needed.  The fee is $10.00.

Mequon Police Reserves

The Mequon Police Reserves consists of over 20 volunteer members.  Assistance can be provided at parades, celebrations, dedications, school sporting events, festivals, runs/walks, and bike rides.  Assistance in the form of traffic control or security is most-often used.  When you wish to make a request, please call (262) 242-3500 and ask to speak to or leave a message for Officer Dennis Guttmann, who is the Police Department's liaison with the Reserves.

Officer Appearance/Talk

An Officer can be requested to give a safety presentation, attend a ceremony, or participate in a youth event. Please call Diane at
(262) 242-7987, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., to discuss the details of your request.

How Do I Get Copies Of Records From The Police Department?

Please download and fill out the
request form.  Fax it to the number listed, (262) 242-7655. You will be notified when the copies are available for pickup. There is a $0.25 fee per page, a $1.75 fee for each photo, and a $15.00 fee for each disc of computer media.

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