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Monday, February 20, 2017
New Tip411 apps for IOS and Android
Thursday, July 9, 2015
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Chief of Police                             Steven D. Graff                262-242-7242
Captain of Patrol                         Daniel Buntrock                262-242-7245
Captain of Administration            Scott Tyler                       262-242-7244
Administrative Assistant              Diane Kowalchuk             262-242-7987

Administrative Sergeant 8AM-4PM   Patrick Pryor              262-242-7243
Detective Fischer      8AM-4PM        Andrew Fischer          262-242-7232
Detective O'Connell   8AM-4PM    Charles O'Connell         262-242-7233
Detective Umhoefer  8AM-4PM      Tarie Umhoefer            262-242-7231
Detective Polishinski  8AM-4PM    Cory Polishinski            262-242-7248

Sergeant Of Patrol      12AM-8AM   Lindsay Graycarek      262-242-7239
Sergeant Of Patrol      12AM-8AM   Mark Riley                   262-242-7234
Sergeant Of Patrol      8AM-4PM     Mark Kastens              262-242-7236
Sergeant Of Patrol      8AM-4PM     Matthew Pearce          262-242-7235
Sergeant Of Patrol      4PM-12AM   Benjamin Heinen         262-242-7237
Sergeant Of Patrol      4PM-12AM   William Spankowski    262-242-7238

Records Clerk           8AM-4PM      Suzanne Egelhoff         262-242-7246

(updated 7-28-15)

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